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  • Social Security Card Replacement

    Need a New Card? Learn About Social Security Card Replacement!

    Almost everyone needs to replace their Social Security card at one time or another. Whether it is the general wear and tear or a card is lost or stolen, anyone who needs another card by visiting a local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. There is no reason to worry about getting a new card as it is actually a fairly easy process.

    Locate a local office

    This is the first step in getting your new Social Security card. A person needs to show up to an office in person in order to answer a questionnaire and provide identification. For a replacement card a valid photo ID is necessary. A driver’s license will work, but it cannot be expired. Any expired license or ID is not considered valid. The nearest local SSA office can be easily located by using the search function from the official SSA’s website at:

    Searches are done by zip code to give you the nearest office where you can meet with SSA representatives.

    Bring the necessary items

    You will need to bring a valid photo ID to confirm your identity. In addition to this you will need to be able to answer basic questions like your date of birth, provide your Social Security Number (SSN), and your current address. The person working for the SSA will walk you through the brief interview process, which includes you verbally agreeing under penalty of law that that you are providing the full truth to the best of your knowledge and ability.

    Request a letter if necessary

    Many times people find they need a new Social Security card because it’s a required form of ID for a job. While getting a new card can take up to a full six weeks, you can request a letter of intent from the office. This is a signed letter the SSA prints out confirming that you have requested a new Social Security card and will be receiving one in the mail in due course. This letter can be used in lieu of a Social Security card, at least in the beginning, to help make sure you get the job an begin working. In most cases you will eventually need to show the actual card to payroll once it arrives.

    New Social Security Cards for children

    Maybe it’s lost during a move or a home fire, but any individual who needs a new Social Security card for their child will also want to visit the local office. In this situation a parent needs to provide any documents they have to prove the identity of a child, and citizenship if necessary. The parent also needs proof of custody, but then the process is fairly simple with answering a few basic questions and new cards can take up to six weeks to be mailed to you on average.

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